Kent’s Kommentary: Oh No He/She Didn’t!

This is a new, experimental running post we will be toying with here at Two Lazy Writers. Essentially, I find a Yahoo! article brimming with outrage-laden comments. I then comment on those comments. Simple enough. Below is the article header: And here are examples of me poking fun at stupid people:

Why I Can No Longer Celebrate 4/20 :(

4/20 used to be a lovely day where I would get together with friends and celebrate the pseudo-holiday. Alas, those glory days are gone, and there is one simple reason for why I can no longer celebrate 4/20… my stupid cunt wife. Oh it’s not entirely her fault I guess. She means well. After all, adulthood and […]

Awesome Excuses For Missing Work

Work, ammaright?!?! Here are things you can say on the phone to get out of it, in order of most effective: “My (family member/friend) died” Ole’ reliable. When you use this excuse, work contacts won’t really bring it up with you later (and if they do, it will be an brief and easy conversation to handle). The key is […]

Terrance Williams: Trade Him Before Tomorrow

The type of supposed value transformation heaped upon Terrance Williams following the injury to Dez Bryant presents a rare sell-high opportunity for a player that has done jack shit. Dez Bryant is one of the best WRs in the NFL. He has a great QB throwing to him, but the bulk of Bryant’s production is based on […]